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    Laurin Wittig is an award-winning author of historical romance novels originally published by Berkley/Jove and now available as ebooks. She has 20+ years of experience in the writing business as an author, a critiquer, and teacher of creative writing.

    In October, 2011, she closed her critique business in order to focus on her own writing. She maintains this blog as a resource to writers.

    To learn more about Laurin's books please visit LaurinWittig.com
  • What Between the Lines clients are saying…

    “Laurin Wittig has a phenomenal gift for identifying the problems in a story and, more importantly, suggesting ways to fix them. I can’t imagine trying to write a book without her!”
    Pamela Palmer
    New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Feral Warriors series from Avon.

    “Laurin Wittig’s talent for finding the essence of a scene and pointing it in a logical and more focused direction is unmatched. Laurin’s guidance is kind and to the point. More importantly she MOTIVATES!”
    Elizabeth Holcombe
    Author of Heaven and the Heather from Berkley/Jove

    “Laurin Wittig is the sharpest story surgeon you could ever desire. She peels away the unnecessary layers to find the strong bones of your plot and character. Laurin has discerned things about my characters that I was still waiting to discover, and I find her insights stunning.”
    Anne Shaw Moran
    The Marlene Award Finalist

    “Laurin Wittig is a genius. Her insightful comments and suggestions helped me change a good manuscript into a great manuscript. I plan to use her critique service for all my future novels. She's the writing/critique partner that we all secretly hope to find -- someone who will help your book become the best it can be, without any power struggles, jealousy or secret agendas.”
    Beverly Giroux
    Golden Heart Contest Finalist

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MacAlister’s Hope Release Day!

LaurinBook2If you’ve ended up here you’ve probably followed a comment I left on a blog that is helping me launch MacAlister’s Hope, a Kilmartin Glen novella, today. Please click here to go to my author website where you can learn lots about all of my books, sign up for my newsletter, check out all the Highlander books featured on my blog, or leave me a note on my contact page.

Thanks for dropping by!



Interview with Laurin Wittig — Medieval Romance Writer

Eileen Dandashi interviews me today at Booktalk with Eileen. Want to know how I put a story together or which of my series is my favorite (that’s kind of like asking a mother which child is her favorite!)? Stop by and see how I answered!

Interview with Laurin Wittig — Medieval Romance Writer.

Interview with Laurin Wittig — Medieval Romance Writer

Eileen Dandashi interviews me today at Booktalk with Eileen. Want to know how I put a story together or which of my series is my favorite (that’s kind of like asking a mother which child is her favorite!)? Stop by and see how I answered!

Interview with Laurin Wittig — Medieval Romance Writer.

Guest Blogging at SavvyAuthors.com

If you’ve ever faced revision of a first draft (hello, that’s all of you NaNoWriMo folks, right?) you might find my guest blog at Savvy Authors useful. In How do I Make Sense of This Hot Mess? I reveal a road map for revisions, focusing on the first five things I look at when I’m faced with the wonderful mess that is my first draft.

Please stop by Savvy Authors and let me know what you think are the first things to tackle in a revision!

Happy Holidays, everyone!


The bad news, and the good news

I’ve been debating whether to continue Between the Lines Critiques for a few months now. On the one hand I love helping authors dig deeper into their stories and characters. I love the opportunity to share what I’ve learned from so many great teachers over my years in this business of storytelling. I love meeting new writers and playing some small part in helping them along their writing path.

On the other hand, it takes a lot of time and mental energy.

Until this last six or eight months that was fine.

I had a part-time day job (which I’ve recently given up), my critique service, and I wrote for my own pleasure around that. Then indie publishing took off. I put my backlist books up last fall and have had wonderful success, finding lots of new readers, but also rediscovering my own joy in crafting my stories. And stumbling onto some incredible opportunities which I want to take advantage of.

But that takes a lot of time and mental energy.

You see my problem: so many things I love to do; limited time and energy.

So it is with sadness, but also excitement for the future, that I am closing Between the Lines Critiques effective immediately. I know there were a few people who had contacted me about critiques when I opened again and I won’t be able to  help with those manuscripts. There are a lot of wonderful writers who I’ve had the great pleasure to work with in the last three years who I will miss, but I hope you’ll all keep me apprised of your successes. I’ve easily learned as much from you as you’ve learned from me!

And I hope that you’ll visit me on my book web site/blog, LaurinWittig.com, to see what I’ll be up to.

I will be working to move my blog posts here over to that web site so that I’ll have a place to continue posting writing related thoughts. I’ll also be adding a mailing list feature over there soon (as soon as I figure out how to best accomplish that) so you might want to drop by and subscribe. Any appearances, book news, writing workshops, or the occasional critique give away will be announced via that list.

Good luck to all of you in your writing and thank you for letting me be a small part of your journey.

Keep writing!


Guest Blogging Today on Setting

I know I’ve been really quiet here lately. It’s because I’ve been writing, which is a good thing, but it leaves little time for keeping up with either of my blogs, never mind email, dusting, oh, wait, I don’t dust.  Anyway, instead of posting on my own blogs, I have been invited to do a few guest blogs on other sites over the next couple of weeks. 

Today I’m blogging at author Terry Odell’s on Setting: It’s not just a place

If you want some tips on how to make your setting work hard for your story drop by http://terryodell.blogspot.com/ I’d love to see you there!

P.S. On August 1st I’ll be posting over on the Savvy Author’s blog on introducing characters – if you haven’t  checked out this site for authors, or Savvy Readers, the sister site for readers, you should.  I’m also donating a three chapter critique to their Savvy Author Summer Symposium which runs in late August. Since I’m not taking on new clients until at least the first of the year (or when my book is done, whichever comes first) this is your only way of getting a critique from me in the near future if you’ve never worked with me before.

Hope your summer is going great, that you are writing great stories, and reading great books!


Scene CPR – The On-line Workshop

Coming up in just a few weeks is the new and improved, and also extended, version of my craft of writing workshop Scene CPR: Breathing Life Into Ailing Scenes With Scene Goals, Disasters & Sequels.  This is a great workshop for beginners or professionals, focusing on a set of writing tools that bring scenes and scene sequels into focus, help you plan and/or revise your manuscript, and give your manuscript more page turning power.

These tools are the foundation of every scene or sequel in your manuscript.

If you’ve taken my Scene CPR workshop before, please note that this time it is four weeks long, instead of 2 weeks (or two hours if you’ve taken the “live” workshop!).  I’m including a lot of new examples, and will be delving into more variations on the techniques than I was able to previously. 

If you haven’t taken an on-line workshop before, they are pretty easy to manage.  You don’t have to be on-line at any specific time and can actively participate or lurk as you feel works best for you (though I advocate active participation as you get more out of a workshop that way!).  I’ll post 2-3 lectures with exercises per week.  There will be some reading with the exercises, also posted. In between you get to ask questions and pick my brain.  There’s plenty of opportunity (and encouragement!) to apply the exercises to your own work, but I do not require you to post your scenes to the group.  If you want more specifics about how the workshops are run from the technical side please click on the link below and contact the workshop coordinator — I’m just the teacher, not the techie.  If you want more information about the content or organization of the workshop, you can contact me at Laurin@Wittig.com

So here’s the skinny – click on the link for full registration info: 

Scene CPR: Breathing Life Into Ailing Scenes With Scene Goals, Disasters & Sequels 
March 4-31, 2011
Through Lowcountry Romance Writers on-line workshops
Registration deadline: March 2, 2011
Workshop fee: $16

I hope you’ll join me on-line in March!

P.S. Please feel free to share this post with your writing friends.  Share buttons below make it easy!

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