Scene CPR – The On-line Workshop

Coming up in just a few weeks is the new and improved, and also extended, version of my craft of writing workshop Scene CPR: Breathing Life Into Ailing Scenes With Scene Goals, Disasters & Sequels.  This is a great workshop for beginners or professionals, focusing on a set of writing tools that bring scenes and scene sequels into focus, help you plan and/or revise your manuscript, and give your manuscript more page turning power.

These tools are the foundation of every scene or sequel in your manuscript.

If you’ve taken my Scene CPR workshop before, please note that this time it is four weeks long, instead of 2 weeks (or two hours if you’ve taken the “live” workshop!).  I’m including a lot of new examples, and will be delving into more variations on the techniques than I was able to previously. 

If you haven’t taken an on-line workshop before, they are pretty easy to manage.  You don’t have to be on-line at any specific time and can actively participate or lurk as you feel works best for you (though I advocate active participation as you get more out of a workshop that way!).  I’ll post 2-3 lectures with exercises per week.  There will be some reading with the exercises, also posted. In between you get to ask questions and pick my brain.  There’s plenty of opportunity (and encouragement!) to apply the exercises to your own work, but I do not require you to post your scenes to the group.  If you want more specifics about how the workshops are run from the technical side please click on the link below and contact the workshop coordinator — I’m just the teacher, not the techie.  If you want more information about the content or organization of the workshop, you can contact me at

So here’s the skinny – click on the link for full registration info: 

Scene CPR: Breathing Life Into Ailing Scenes With Scene Goals, Disasters & Sequels 
March 4-31, 2011
Through Lowcountry Romance Writers on-line workshops
Registration deadline: March 2, 2011
Workshop fee: $16

I hope you’ll join me on-line in March!

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BTL Critique client hits the big time!

I’m sending out a huge HUZZAH! to my dear friend, and Between the Lines Critiques client, Pamela Palmer

Her third Feral Warriors book, Passion Untamed, has hit the Top 10 on the Borders romance best sellers list.  If you love dark paranormal romance, I highly recommend you check out Pam’s awsome new series.


For the low down on the Feral Warriors and all her other amazing books visit Pam’s web site:

Don’t miss her bulletin board if you want to get in on great conversation and a don’t miss contest: Pamela’s Bulletin Board

Buy her books at:  Borders  OR Amazon

I’m so proud of Pam’s success I just had to share. ♥

Shameless Self-Promotion

Life has a way of getting busy, even when I think I’ve got whole days to devote to my personal projects.  Seems like there is always some vitally important thing that must be attended to asap and the things that are at the top of my personal Want-to-Do list get shuffled off the Today list and onto the Next Week list.   However, I have persevered amidst the chaos of life this week and have posted information about my critique service on the Between the Lines Critiques page.  Let me know if I can be of help!


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