Guest Blogging Today on Setting

I know I’ve been really quiet here lately. It’s because I’ve been writing, which is a good thing, but it leaves little time for keeping up with either of my blogs, never mind email, dusting, oh, wait, I don’t dust.  Anyway, instead of posting on my own blogs, I have been invited to do a few guest blogs on other sites over the next couple of weeks. 

Today I’m blogging at author Terry Odell’s on Setting: It’s not just a place

If you want some tips on how to make your setting work hard for your story drop by I’d love to see you there!

P.S. On August 1st I’ll be posting over on the Savvy Author’s blog on introducing characters – if you haven’t  checked out this site for authors, or Savvy Readers, the sister site for readers, you should.  I’m also donating a three chapter critique to their Savvy Author Summer Symposium which runs in late August. Since I’m not taking on new clients until at least the first of the year (or when my book is done, whichever comes first) this is your only way of getting a critique from me in the near future if you’ve never worked with me before.

Hope your summer is going great, that you are writing great stories, and reading great books!



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