Happy New Year!

Every year, about this time, my two critique partners and I set goals for the year.  There’s a little of that lose-10-pounds sort of thing, but mostly we focus on writing goals, both the creative side and the business side.  We start by assessing how we did on the previous year’s goals, then set new ones.  I find I almost never look back at those goals as the year goes along (not after January, anyway) but I always accomplish better than 75% of them.  Just writing them down and sharing them with trusted friends seems to set them in my subconscious and keep me (mostly) on track.  I think it sets them in my friends’ minds, too, so they help steer me back on track when I wander off chasing pretty butterflies.

If you’ve read my blog before, you know I’m big on goals as a craft tool for writing, but setting personal goals FOR your writing is also a useful tool.  I got friended on Facebook by The Happy Writer today and discovered a wonderful new blog that I intend to follow closely this year.  Shannon McKelden has written a good post at The Happy Writer on the topic of setting goals, so instead of me repeating myself go here and enjoy!


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