Republishing: Step One in My Adventure

It’s been awhile coming, but I found out today that my rights to my books published originally by Berkley Publishing have reverted to me.  Which means I can now embark on a path I’ve been hearing about, but hadn’t sallied forth on yet — republishing in electronic format.  One of my books has been available electronically for years, and for years it sold about 12 copies annually.  Last year it sold 24 copies in 6 months — without me, or my publisher doing anything.  I wonder what can happen if I work at selling those books?

I’m looking forward to putting my own edition of that book, The Devil of Kilmartin, up electronically, as well as my other two that have never been released electronically.  I’ll be commenting here on the project as I move through these muddy waters and figure out how to do this.

Fortunately, there’s a guy who has been making waves in this area — Joe Konrath.  He’s been talking about his experiences with republishing electronically, as well as publishing directly to electronic format, over at his blog A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing just in case you want to get the lowdown on his experience.

I know I have to format my manuscripts properly, then get new ISBN’s, new covers, and figure out where to upload the books, what price to sell them for, how to market them… yikes, it’s a whole new kind of publishing to learn.  I’ll be blogging about my journey here so stop back by and see what I learn as I jump down this rabbit hole!



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