Where does the time go?

It seems like it was just November and I was starting out on my NaNoWriMo 2009 quest and here it is New Year’s Day already.  I immersed myself in writing (and critiquing) in November and got 30K words written — not the 50K I was aiming for, but I figure 30K words in 30 days is still pretty darn good.  I told myself I’d get back to “life” in December… hah.

Well now the holidays are once more behind me, and in looking back at the last year I find 2009 was very good for me.  I wrote 50K total on my current wip, I critiqued 7 full manuscripts, 5 partial manuscripts, 1 short story, and 6 free 5 page samples.  And that was just from August to December.  The other important goal I met was to get back to writing regularly.  With the help of my writing buddy, Phyllis, I was very successful in meeting that goal and will continue to write regularly in the coming year.

I’m looking forward to a very productive 2010 but that requires me to set goals for myself, and to share them with my writing buddies (that insures accountability!).  Some of my goals for the new year are:

  • I’ve got about another 30-40K to finish up the draft of my current wip.
  • Revise the current wip.
  • This is the year I write my first screenplay.  Lots to learn in order to do that!  I’ll be doing Script Frenzy in April to help meet this goal.
  • I’m teaching a new workshop Scene CPR: The Sequel in Richmond, VA, for Virginia Romance Writers on Saturday, March 13th.
  • I’m teaching both Scene CPR: Breathing Life into Your Ailing Scenes and Scene CPR: The Sequel as a combined on-line workshop through Carolina Romance Writers from March 15th – 31st. 
  • Blog at least twice a month – more often is better!
  • Work with more writers, both familiar and new to me, through workshops and critiques.

Okay, technically that last one is out of my immediate control, so it’s more of a wish than a goal, but I already have a new-to-me writer lined up for a critique starting next week, and I know my buddy Pamela Palmer has at least a couple of books I’ll be critiquing for her this year, so I feel comfortable putting it on my goal list. 

I know everyone makes resolutions this time of year, but I like goals better.  They are concrete, achievable (though some are a stretch, but that’s good!), and they keep me accountable.  Plus, as the year moves along I can check off those goals already achieved and make sure I stay on track for the others.  Nothing like a good list to keep me on track!

Have you set any writing goals this year?  Why not make a goal for yourself to try out my critique service with my 5 page free sample?  Then we can both check something off our lists — you get some professional feedback (for free!) and I get to work with another writer.  Or maybe you prefer a workshop setting?  If you are in the Richmond area join me with the VRW folks in March, or if you are further afield, join me on-line for a more in-depth workshop experience.

Seriously, help me achieve my goals, and maybe I can help you achieve your goals, too.

Happy New Year!



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