Greetings from Downeast Maine

Vacation.  Ahhhh.  I’m refilling my creative well and resting up for a big push in August on both the critiquing front and the writing front.  Kayaking, card games, good food and good times with the extended family.   It’s the annual lobster-fest tonight for dinner.  Yum!

In the meantime, I’ll offer up a little literary inspiration from my childhood. 

Paul Bunyon in Bangor, Maine

Paul Bunyon in Bangor, Maine

This big fellow stands in downtown Bangor, Maine.  I’ve seen him many times over the years, but only from the highway passing by.  This year we took a very non-traditional trip into the big city to spend a morning playing the slots (I only lost $20) and Paul Bunyon stands right across the street so I finally got to see him up close.

I loved tall tales when I was a kid — probably influenced my love for genre fiction.

I hope your summer is relaxing and you are getting all the writing done you want to do!



One Response

  1. Laurin,
    Good job just losing $20. I love this photo.
    (but where’s Babe?)
    Karen :0)

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