Writer’s Serenity Prayer

Img_0012One of my Virginia Romance Writers colleagues, Shara Lanel, posted this on the chapter loop and allowed me to share it here:

Writer’s Serenity Prayer
God grant me the serenity to accept the first draft as crap;
The courage to write the next chapter anyway;
and the wisdom to know it can all be fixed later.

Too true!!! 

This is the only way I ever move forward in a first draft.   I have to keep telling myself it’s okay if it all stinks like roadkill on a hot summer’s day, I can fix it later.  Since “fixing”, aka rewriting/revising, is my very favorite part of the writing process, that keeps me in my happy place long enough to actually get the $%#@*&!!!  first draft done.

Speaking of first drafts — mine is moving slower than I like, but end of school and a killer summer cold kept me away from the keyboard for over a week.  I’ve gotten back to it this week and I’m almost done drafting chapter two.  I’ve also sketched out my scene goals and disasters for chapter three, so I’ve got a roadmap for the next chapter, too.  Onward!!

Hope your writing is flowing!



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