Where do you write?

Everyone has a preferred place to write.  Sometimes it’s a bit of the kitchen table, on the deck with the laptop, at the library, Starbucks, or in “A Room of Ones Own.”

I have a beautiful (if cluttered) office in my home.  It has an antique rosewood spinnet that has been converted into a computer desk, a 1920s library table as my everything-else desk, and a comfy but unremarkable desk chair.

Laurin's Office

Computer Desk

There’s a cozy, sized-perfectly-for-me reading chair next to a sunny window.

With Robin Hood looking on!

With Robin Hood looking on!

I have inspirational pictures and posters, purposely chosen tchotchkes, and soothing forest green walls.

Inspiration Corner



For the last several years I have found this perfect office to be darn near impossible to write in.  So where do I write?  It changes on a regular basis.

Sometimes I write on my living room couch or in my husband’s ugly but muy comfortable recliner, but that requires the family to be out of the house.  That doesn’t happen often this time of year, especially now that my daughter gets out of school the end of April.  Sometimes I write at the breakfast counter… again, only good when the fam isn’t home.

Lately, though, I’ve been writing here:


I’ve been meeting up once or twice a week with my friend Phyllis Haislip and enjoying the hubbub and hospitality of Tasha and her crew at the recently re-opened Coffee Beanery Cafe as we work on our books.  For some reason the quiet busyness of the place, accompanied by good coffee (iced, please!), a writing friend who is way better than I am at staying focused, and the fact that it is bad form to roam a restaurant when I should be writing, combines to make me very, very productive.  In an hour or an hour and a half there I can get written what would take me several hours at home in my perfect office.  Of course, the other plus about writing outside of the house is that all the chores and easy procrastination enablers (can you say TV?) aren’t available.

Focus is the rule of the day… or the hour, anyway.

So where do you prefer to write?

Happy writing!



6 Responses

  1. Hey Laurin!
    I write at my dining room table. It’s currently covered with notes and books and pens and a half empty tea cup…but under all of that (which gets cleared away when I’m not working) is a lovely expresso colored round table.

    I loved the “inspirational photo” can anyone say HUNK??? hubba hubba (I can say with all truthfullness that that is the first and only time I’ll ever type the phrase hubba hubba…wait, I did it again. d*amn)

    We’ll talk soon, come see me at my new blog….I’m hosting Joe Konrath on Tuesday….and I think what I posted today pretty much sums up how I feel about it. LOL

    Karen 🙂

  2. btw…that was supposed to be d*mn, but d*amn is funnier.

  3. Karen,

    Too funny, er, funnier! My dining room table is my office overflow table. 😦

    I’m popping over to check out your new blog right now.

  4. Laurin,
    Thanks so much for the kind words. I don’t know how much you poked around, but from what I know about you (you big softie) I really think that you’d like an early post called “Daughter of my womb, Daughter of my heart.”

    I’m deep on sun/mon, the rest of the time I just have fun. I’m really enjoying the response.

  5. Karen,

    Loved your “Daughters” post — I read everything when I stopped by so I’d be caught up. I finally managed to sort out some upgrade related problems with my sidebars and have added your blog to my blog roll so other’s can find you more easily.


  6. Hey,
    Thanks for adding me. (smiles at you)

    I’m really enjoying the blogging thing and it looks like I’ll get some freelance work from it.
    so cool.

    I understand having problems with the technical issue stuff. I wanted to have “steal it saturdays” where I posted beautiful photos I’ve taken for people to have for their very own selves, but so far I can only make them about 3×3 inches….and that’s not very dramatic.
    Working on it.

    Have a great weekend!
    Karen 🙂

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