Missing in Action

facebook-2I’ve been missing in action for a couple of weeks here at Between the Lines.  The good news is that I’ve been missing here because I’ve been crazy busy with writing and critiquing and tours at Jamestown, too, all things I adore doing. 

I did a full manuscript critique of Pamela Palmer’s second time travel,Amethyst Destiny, coming out from Berkely under her Pamela Montgomerie moniker.  It’s a full tilt ride through 17th century Scotland that will keep you turning the pages with its twisty plot and its to die for hero.   Thank goodness Pam writes fast so I have a good pre-release supply of her stories to read!  Look for the first in this series, Sapphire Dreams, to be released in July.

I’ve also been judging a contest (still got a couple of entries to finish up this weekend — eek) and I’ve been in contact with a couple of new-to-me authors who’ll I’ll be critiquing for soon.  

But even better than all these wonderful things, I’ve started writing a story I’ve been trying to write for the last four or five years.  I think (fingers crossed!) I’ve found my way into the story this time.  I’ve been actively plotting and excavating the characters for a couple of months, preparing to start writing. 

Last week I began. 

The euphoria of beginning is wonderful!  Sustaining that through the middle is the trick.

Stay tuned for updates on the process. 🙂


P.S.  Oh yeah, and I had my picture taken with the gorgeous Anna — our resident pound puppy.


One Response

  1. Wow! You go Laurin!
    Whirlwind time at your house. Hope the story you’re writing comes together for you how you want it to.
    Karen 🙂

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