Do you group?

People's mandala - 12 handsSometimes I enjoy being alone in my own little writer’s cave.  And sometimes it does me a whole lot of good to get out in the world and mingle with my fellow writers.  Saturday, I attended the monthly meeting of my local writers’ group, Virginia Romance Writers.  During social time before the meeting, and lunch after, I connected with other writers, caught up on industry gossip, talked craft, traded tips and tricks for crafting characters, etc.  During the meeting I was introduced to almost a dozen different devices and software programs that are useful to writers — yes, writers can be techno-geeks, too!  It never fails to re-energize me (in spite of being an introvert) to talk to other writers, kindred spirits in this weird craft we all practice. 

I left Richmond feeling a renewed sense of myself as a writer.   And even though I was ready to dive back into my writing cave when I got home, I’m also really looking forward to the next time I can take a Saturday and spend it with a community of writers. 



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  1. I go back and forth on groups. I don’t think much of the read and offer critique method of the group I belong to. I think writing needs to be read and comments should be written. But I do love to talk about the process and about what others are doing and learning.

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