Lie to me!

tvI love it when I find a good, writing related reason to watch TV.  Don’t you?  Last night, at the end of my guilty pleasure, American Idol, I caught an episode of a new TV show, Lie to Me. 

Now, after one episode I’m not prepared to say whether this show will stick around, but what caught my attention was the hook — the main group of characters are human lie detectors.   They read body language, and here’s the cool part for writers, they show you what they are looking at, then show you more examples. 

My muses perked up immediately and started looking for body language to use with the gang of characters in my current wip.  I’ll be Tivo-ing this series just to learn the body language tips.    You can catch up on already aired episodes and test your own ability to see a lie (and lots of non-lie emotions, too) at: Lie to Me.  Check it out and see if you don’t find a subtle layer to add to your characterizations.

Now get writing!



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