Inspiration is all around me

 Where do you find inspiration?  Recently I’ve been finding it all over the place.  


Crepe Myrtles

I was inspired by all the folks who turned out to vote on election day.  I always find voting to be an inspiration and this year was even more inspiring than usual.

I find the fall foliage inspiring.  I love the colors and the play of light on the yellows, oranges and flaming reds.  The pictures are from my yard, snapped this morning before too many more leaves fall. 

And writing workshops inspire me.  Saturday the fabulous Debra Dixon of Goal, Motivation and Conflict fame gave a day long workshop on GMC and the hero’s journey as set out by Christopher Vogler in The Writer’s Journey.  I HIGHLY recommend both books to anyone who is writing fiction.  And if you ever get a chance to attend a workshop with Debra Dixon, run, do not walk, to it.  

Burning Bush along my driveway

Burning Bush along my driveway

I found myself so inspired by the workshop and the fabulous company of old friends and new that I got home ready to sit down and get serious about my NaNoWriMo project which has been rather… nebulous… so far. 

I also found this wonderful poem that inspires me, too: Poem

What inspires you?



One Response

  1. My biggest inspiration is……a serious deadline! 🙂 Yep, that is a total motivator. Can keep me up for nights on end, churning out pages and pages of brilliant text (haha). No deadline, no real inspiration. This is why I need NaNoWriMo next year!

    Christine Trent

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