First drafts

Writing begins with an idea, followed by lots of playing with ideas (aka brainstorming), followed by some or a lot of planning.  Eventually the writer arrives at the first draft and begins writing.  I think that works for blogs as well, or perhaps it’s just the way my writer’s mind works.   At any rate, that’s how I approached this blog, Between the Lines. 

I had an idea  for a blog (egged on by my good friend Elizabeth Holcombe, writer, blogger, and crafter extraordinaire).  I let it incubate for a while.  I talked to friends about what it should focus on.  I explored other blogs.  I danced around for a while, flirting with a concept.  Did I really want to commit to a regular writing gig?  This, for me, is very much like the beginning stages of writing a novel.  In fact, it’s exactly like the beginning stages of writing a novel.  And just as with my novels, one day I sat down at my computer and began.  Hmm, that would be today.

So what does this have to do with you? 

If you’re a writer, you can probably relate.  Or maybe you’ve got a completely different process for beginning.  Or maybe you are recently bitten by the writing bug and haven’t found your process yet. 

Between the Lines is a place to talk about the process of writing and all it’s wonderful, frustrating, and exhilarating side roads and detours.  I want to talk about the craft of writing, revision, creativity, my favorite writing books, my favorite novels, things that inspire the creative muses in me, writers or writing that I admire and/or can learn from, the business side of the writing life (not my favorite topic, but one that should not be avoided), good writing teachers and workshops, and anything else that crops up and impacts a writer and her or his craft. 

I hope you’ll join in so this becomes a lively, far ranging conversation!

So, when you start a new project, be it a piece of writing or some other creative endeavor, what’s your process?



7 Responses

  1. You were the first comment on my blog, and now I get to be your first comment! Congrats on getting your blog up and running! I eagerly await each and every post and KNOW I’ll be a better writer just by reading them. Wonderful blog, my dear friend! Kudos!~~~XXOO, Beth

  2. You did ask a writing question, didn’t you? About process. My process can best be described as “pantser”. I write by the seat of my pants, let the words pour out, and then do massive editing afterwards. That’s what I’m most comfortable with, but it does have it’s ups and downs. The upside is I just allow my brain to relax and go with the flow, and the “magic” may happen. The downside is I may go on a path that never pans out and I may have to delete many many pages, but hey, at least I know where not to go!~~~XXOO, Beth

  3. You’ve got a great start for your blog!

    My process is usually to hatch a story in my mind before I write it. I haven’t done this with NaNoWriMo. As a long time jogger and walker, much mental writing occurs on the road where I incubate the ideas and get to know my characters.

    Right now, an idea for a new project is hovering in the back of my mind. How long it will hover there I don’t know. The new idea is only a seed and I’ll be curious to see if it grows.

  4. I signed up for NaNoWriMo this year! It’s going to be rough cuz I’m currently sitting on writers block, but maybe I’ll send it to you at the end of the month!

  5. How can one WRITE that many words? Being of my age it is much easier to speak them (e.g. ramble on and on with a story and such! So, perhaps you are inspiring me to do something with the rambles via a recorder or perhaps and investment in DragonTalk?? Then perhaps I can submit a sample for you to give an appreciative critique.

    This is my very firs blog entry!

  6. Hey, Laurin,

    Beautiful foliage pictures. All my foliage is laying on the ground now. I’m doing Nano too. I think I’m up to about 5K words. Not setting anything on fire, but plugging away. Sounds like the conference was great. Sorry I had to miss. Write on!!!

  7. First it starts out as a daydream, something fun that tickles my brain when I’m doing other things (usually boring things, like driving or cleaning. I never get the daydream while I’m sitting at the computer wondering “what should I write?”)

    Eventually it morphs into a more complicated daydream, with different characters and scenes, until one day I realize, “Wow! This could be a novel!”

    I find it hilarious that even though I’m a writer I never think it could be something I would write until it’s jelled a bit.

    My subconscious usually arranges for me to have this realization when I’m stuck in the dreaded middle of my current wip. This way I have inspiration to hurry up and finish so I can get to my new, more intriguing, story. (Although it is often a fight to make myself finish the wip and not just dive into the new story.)

    Great blog! I will be checking back often! Lisa

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